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Circle your 'likes' and make new friends

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Published 3 Feb 2012

[cont'd] a good movie, book or event with a friend of yours because you knew he or she would appreciate it? Did it ever happen that you couldn't recall that great restaurant where you once had dinner while visiting New York City? Would you love to know when your favorite rock band is coming to town for their new tour concert? Would you like to discover that an intriguing person sitting next to you in a bar happens to have similar likes? CircleMe can be used to manage your history of things, places and events you liked. You can use it to share good stuff with your buddies. Use it to keep updated on your favorite things or use it to find people who would join you for a special event.
CircleMe is the logical next step to the Facebook 'like' phenomenon. While the social network excels on many levels it hasnt really exploited the idea of connecting people via their interests. It's probably as certain to happen at some point as is the video chat but, for the time being, CircleMe fills that gap quite nicely. It's easy and free to use and is another way of connecting with new friends with similar interests. Oh and while you are making your connections you might well be exposed to your next favorite 'like.'