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A customizable and unique weather app where you only see what you want to see

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Cirrus One is a web based weather app for mobiles and tablets with a unique feature - you decide ... More

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Published 15 Nov 2014

Being a bit of an artist in my spare time, I've been looking at a lot of clouds lately. The most amazing thing about them is that, apart from their basic atmospheric structure, every single one of them is completely different. Unfortunately, most of the apps that track and inform us about our weather, tend not to be quite so unique. Here is one that takes its name from one of the most beautiful cloud formations up there and offers something a little more bespoke. Cirrus One has been in development for a number of years and finally gets its chance to add a bit of sunshine to the tired weather app genre. Unlike its more static predecessors, this web-based app let's you design your own interface and decide exactly what information you see on your mobile or tablet screen.
Cirrus One is a new weather app for mobiles and tablets that has a unique feature. You decide which data icons to show on the screen as well as your own unique design, color scheme and layout. You can put your icons exactly where you want to see them on the screen as well as changing their size and color. You can also change the background images that you use and even blur it a little if you want to get really arty. The free version of Cirrus One includes a limited amount of features and fairly unobtrusive ads but the pro version - coming in at only £2.99 (that’s around five bucks) - delivers all the app's features as well as giving you complete access to any new features that are added. There'll be a desktop version coming soon along with other features such as things like personal weather alerts to notify you when the weather is going to change. You'll also be able to save your different interface layouts so you can have one for your phone and a different one for your tablet or desktop and pretty soon you'll also be able to upload your own background images. There's even talk of adding more data icons such as moon phases in the near future.
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know there are numerous weather apps available for your mobile or tablet but we have quite a fondness for this one. While packed with all sorts of different features, many tend to be rather generic and it's often hard to tell one from the other. Cirrus, on the other hand, let's you customize the app so that you only see the information that you want to see. It's great for those of us with dodgy eyesight too as you can simply resize and recolor the icons to suit your own needs. After its initial development a few years ago, Cirrus has been reactivated because of the lack of a great weather app that would work across all mobile devices. It has been rolled out slowly over the last few months so that the developers could keep on eye on server performance and they've added a Chrome version available in the Google Chrome Web Store. If you are looking for a nicely performing, unique mobile weather app that you can customize to your own requirements, Cirrus fits the bill very well.

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