Developer description is a platform for video creators and lovers with a strong focus on social interaction and engagement. We have a vibrant community of producers and viewers that engage on a daily basis as well as the below features:

- A $1,000,000 Annual Talent Competition with weekly, monthly and annual cash prizes for the Top Talent on our platform;

- A beautiful and intuitive iPhone app for accessing on the go;

- A collaborative projects feature where projects can be launched, funded and developed through our site. Users of can collaborate with each other to produce awesome video/creative products;

- A plethora of social features including following, messaging, liking, commenting, sharing and collaborating;

- Citizen Pro's, who are experts in their particular fields, are on hand to help and engage the community throughout the many categories on the site.

We strongly believe video should be a 2 way communication tool and is here to develop and enrich the video community.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015