Developer description

When two app developers get married, they look for an app to help. But most of the wedding guides we looked at considered Sacramento as part of the Bay Area, so kept suggesting vendors and venues in San Francisco. So we made our own.

Brides-to-be outside of the major metro areas still have to rely on local printed wedding guides, wedding planners or making Pinterest boards from local vendors, and then making and maintaining their list of potential vendors to visit and interview. With the City Wedding Guides we've curated great locations and service providers, and geolocated all of them. Users can view information about all of them, add them to their Favorites, and call or email for more information, and get directions to any of them.

City Wedding Guide have more than just a list of wedding vendors. We also have themed suggestions for wedding planning - rural or barn weddings, budget weddings, unusual locations and more. Ready made Pinterest boards to get a bride-to-be started.

The first city launch is for Sacramento (of course). Next up will be Santa Barbara, followed by Sonoma, Napa and Livermore Valley.

Last updated 29 Oct 2014

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