Developer description

CityUnreal provides you a unique 3D social networking experience that is powered by a real-life virtual city environment. Without the constrains of a 2D environment, it allows you to dimensionally edit your pictures and videos, which opens up a whole new world for various sets of 3D features. In addition, your experience of social networking is more connected when you not only share with your friends, but also with the city that you live in so you can keep up with what is going on around you.

In terms of its business perspective, CityUnreal re-defines the way of advertising. It can help businesses create 3D advertisements that catch people’s attention without disturbing their user experience at all as the ads now can exist in any form and any shape in a 3D world. Moreover, CityUnreal potentially presents a 3D online shopping experience for merchants to effectively reach their audience by setting up their 3D virtual stores in the city to showcase their products and services with a creative 3D form.

Last updated 11 Aug 2016

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