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Published 1 Dec 2011

It is a fundamental human trait to need to ask questions and get responses. In the old days when we tended to live in smaller communities this was possible with face-to-face communication. However, as society has grown it has become impractical for one person to communicate their thoughts and news with everyone on a daily basis. Then newspapers and printed media entered the scene offering content and insight to a broader crowd. Then came the digital age and then came CivicBoom. It's a news app that connects the people that have news content with the people that need it.

Civicboom is a new open- community engagement platform that empowers organisations and their audience to collaborate in generating rich media content. Put simply, the Civicboom process provides a suite of tools to enable the user to manage and facilitate specific requests for specific content. In effect it is a customisable channel between audience-facing organisations and the members of the audience itself. By using the customized mobile app or by uploading to the plug & go site, a content-giver can respond with rich-media directly to that request. All incoming rich-media content can then be managed by the content-seeker and directed to a customisable plugin to be embedded on a website.

So why use CivicBoom when there are so many mediums for watching news already? Well, for a start, it's getting a little tiresome having one's opinions interpreted by potentially biased media organisations and the potential is there for the community to be given a voice of its own. By providing the tools to request for and suggest content it's possible that local communities, governments and organisations can be encouraged to collaborate. Admirably, CivicBoom believes that the provision of such tools will invigorate democracy, encourage informed decision making and stimulate the fourth estate. Equally, it's also a place where your thoughts can be heard and you can connect with other users who are sympathetic to your ideas. Get involved.

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