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Published 1 Dec 2011

It is a fundamental human trait to need to ask questions and get responses. In the old days when we tended to live in smaller communities this was possible with face-to-face communication. However, as society has grown it has become impractical for one person to communicate their thoughts and news with everyone on a daily basis. Then newspapers and printed media entered the scene offering content and insight to a broader crowd. Then came the digital age and then came CivicBoom. It's a news app that connects the people that have news content with the people that need it.

Civicboom is a new open- community engagement platform that empowers organisations and their audience to collaborate in generating rich media content. Put simply, the Civicboom process provides a suite of tools to enable the user to manage and facilitate specific requests for specific content. In effect it is a customisable channel between audience-facing organisations and the members of the audience itself. By using the customized mobile app or by uploading to the plug & go site, a content-giver can respond with rich-media directly to that request. All incoming rich-media content can then be managed by the content-seeker and directed to a customisable plugin to be embedded on a website.

So why use CivicBoom when there are so many mediums for watching news already? Well, for a start, it's getting a little tiresome having one's opinions interpreted by potentially biased media organisations and the potential is there for the...