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ClaimAir is an easy-to-use travel mobile app that helps air passengers to enforce their rights ... More

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Published 12 May 2014

I'm betting that you, like me, have absolutely no idea that airlines have regulations in force that let you collect compensation for various flying conditions that may interrupt your trip. That's probably because the airlines like to keep it a secret and hide details in the fine print of your contract. The fact is, if your flight is delayed or cancelled or you are denied the right to board for some reason you may be eligible for some form of recompense from the airline involved. This is also true for some baggage related issues including loss or damage. ClaimAir is an easy to use travel app for Android and iOS that helps passengers enforce their rights and potentially receive compensation for any inconvenience incurred.
If you have bothered to check lately, the legislation relating to air passenger’s rights is unbelievably complicated.  ClaimAir enhances your protection by providing you with a guided tour of airline regulations and evaluates your individual circumstances while helping you collect your claims and compensations - even when you are on the go. This easy-to-use travel application helps air passengers to enforce their rights and collect flight compensations if there is a delayed or cancelled flight or if you are denied boarding or have baggage related issues including delay, loss and damage. The app offers a step-by-step guide that will take you through the entire claim process immediately so there is no need to research for any other information. Simply choose the category that your problem comes under, input your flight details and the app will take care of the rest. It will choose an appropriate legislation framework and take you through the entire process of inconvenience. If the airline refuses your legitimate claims, ClaimAir lets you create a formal complaint and sends it to the airline on your behalf. Whats more, unbeknownst to most, these claims can back up your rights for up to three years, retrospectively. It’s not even necessary to be connected to the internet because all the important information is stored in your smartphone.
Did you know that each year there are literally hundreds of thousands of flight delays and cancellations - none of which are your fault. You probably also weren't aware that European Union regulations offer standard compensation for some of these inconveniences - even on some flights originating in the US. Rather than spending hours researching these regulations and even resorting to expensive lawyers, ClaimAir does most of the work for you for free. Just fill in the details on the app and you can do everything on your own and only pay ClaimAir €7.99 if a written complaint is needed - with a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied for any reason. At the moment, the app only deals with inbound (operated by a European carrier) and outbound EU flights but they plan on making the service available worldwide soon. However, baggage related issues work almost worldwide. ClaimAir can't guarantee that they can get a win for you in every situation but you can rely on them to sift through the maelstrom of regulations to make it easier to further your claim.

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