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Pong for the 21st Century

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Classic Pong G is a new version of Ping Pong with awesome new features. Classic Pong G has a ... More

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Published 16 May 2016

It's hard to believe that the original Pong game was released by Atari way back in 1972. That's 40 odd years ago. You know what? There's a good reason why it's hung around all these years - it's a brilliantly addictive game. So, those people from the developers have done us all a favor. They've flashed the original Pong game up with new features, turned the basic black and white graphics into a kaleidoscope of color and brought it back to life for Android and iOS.

Classic Pong G is a new version of the old Ping Pong game from all those years ago. The developers have dusted it off and given it life again with a whole heap of great new features, a beautiful graphic update and made it available to the mobile generation. The gameplay is simple and the controls easy to use but this is a game that's hard to master.

If you remember, the original Pong game was in black and white and was very basic. And yet it kept a generation of would be gamers totally enthused. Imagine taking that level of exciting gameplay and bringing it up to date? Well, it's been done and it's just as addictive and mesmerizing.

The game has a total of 9 levels to compete over and you can play against the computer or against friends. There's also an 'endless' level which comes with a high score system where you...