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Published 16 Jun 2012

I'm pretty sure the first piece of music I can remember hearing and remembering was in the kitchen at home and it was the sweet sound of Connie Francis playing on the radio. These days kids are probably more likely to be presented with the rather more banal sound of Rebecca Black than someone with Connie's vocal abilities. The point is, of course, that it could be important to subject your baby to more quality pieces of music in their formative early years rather than the bubblegum pop of dear Rebecca, bless her soul. Classical Music for Babies is a new music app for your baby that takes it one step further.
Classical Music for Babies is a wonderful free application that increases your cognitive skills, boosts your IQ in the most pleasant way and provides your child with Mozart pieces specifically chosen to enhance the development of the brain. Why Mozart, you may ask? Well, scientists at Stanford University have recently revealed a molecular basis for the "Mozart Effect." They have proven that listening to Mozart’s compositions presented at differing frequencies help the ear as well as promoting healing and the development of the brain by  improving memory, awareness and the integration of learning styles. Classical Music for Babies includes 12 albums of Mozart compositions. Each album has specially selected music to enhance learning, spatial intelligence, creativity and body awareness. The application is filled with extra features and is dedicated to parents, children and everybody else who believes that Mozart’s music has a transformational power in health, education, and well-being. Babies Love Classical Lullabies is designed for both pre and post natal mothers, whether it is to reminisce on most-loved melodies, comfort a restless child or provide soothing background music to drift off sleep with.  Mothers can also turn their favorite baby pictures into a slideshow or capture and save an angelic shot of their newborn to share with relatives and friends.
It's well known that babies react to musical stimuli even when they are still in their mother's womb let alone being exposed to it as i was with Connie Francis. Mothers who are fond of listening to music or humming to their baby may instill the music-loving effect on their newborn child not to mention it having a calming effect on the little ones. Classical Music for Babies is a lovely free app to calm those difficult times as well as providing a nice bit of peripheral brain massage as well. The fact is, I'm a pretty calm individual myself and I surround myself with music still so Connie obviously did it for me. If she's not your cup of tea then I'd take Classical Music for Babies over Rebecca Black every single time.

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