Developer description

ClassMatrix is an online platform for teachers to measure, evaluate and analyze student performance.

Our vision at ClassMatrix is to make the learning process more interesting and effective by helping a teacher engage their class better and adopting the best pedagogy for teaching.

Our product has the following key features:
1. Multidimensional dashboards for easy course management
2. Micro and Macro level monitoring.
3. CCE implementation tool with simplistic recording and reporting
4. Student progression analysis tool integrated with analytics and dashboards.
5. Additional modules for easing administrative burden on teachers and assisting in the teaching process - attendance, planning of academic activities etc.

Our quick and easy way to handle daily mundane tasks allocated to teachers helps them get more time to focus on students and on teaching. Thus enhancing the quality of learning process making it more interesting for students. It can also be leveraged to increase parent engagement and enable better monitoring of performance. It is a well known fact that parent’s involvement in student’s education can be a great booster to child’s morale.

All of the above ultimately have a positive effect on student performance. We believe implementing our product could greatly benefit schools and students.

Last updated 12 Dec 2013