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Classmint is an interactive study notes service.

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Published 3 Sep 2013

Some students are naturals when studying and note taking while others have a few problems maintaining concentration when learning. It's a fact! Some just have those organized minds that can note take and retain information in a logical way but it's not so easy for the rest of us and we may need a little help to bring us up to scratch. Classmint is a new learning and education application that helps make studying easier and makes it easier for the student to retain more information. It does this by adding a fun and interactive aspect to study and note taking.
Many students find it hard to focus on books and lengthy videos that are part of today's education system in the form of lectures and study materials. One of the most important parts of a student's life are the notes that they take during and after the lectures. These notes help them understand key parts of the study material and also revise it better. Classmint is a very useful free education aid that aims to make studying easier and fun by introducing interactive study notes - something the developers claim will help students to become up to five times more productive. It not only helps students to understand the material they are digesting but also makes knowledge retention easier with the creation of annotatable, audible, interactive and beautiful study notes. The service also maintains automated revision lists of study notes to aid in timely revision and spaced repetition. Classmint ships with the simple to use and very convenient Notes Player which plays the study notes audio visually to aid in the visual and auditory learning of study material. Note taking technology is supplied by the Cornell Notes format that is designed to best synthesize and apply knowledge in real world situations according to Wikipedia.  This lets both students and teachers add text and image explanations to their notes. You can add LaTex formulas, programming code, nested lists and more to create study notes Teachers and students can create or import unlimited study notes and can keep their notes private or publish and share them.
The next step up for this excellent study and learning application will be with the introduction of a mobile app so that students can study wherever they are and whenever they want and i am told there are both Android and iOS apps in development at the moment. When that happens it will make Classmint an indispensable addition to the studying and note taking experience. But, as it stands, the app is an excellent one anyway and probably has enough interesting things to play with to keep even the sleepiest of students a little more attentive. I particularly love the way you can create your own annotation boxes to put links and explanations in. It's a bit like the old days when you'd open up a text book and find someone's hand written notes in the margin - the big difference here of course is that the notes look better and are easier to read. Classmint is a great free addition to every student's note taking arsenal.

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