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Editor's review

Published 10 Nov 2011

If you’re really serious about keeping track of your spending and budgeting for the future as well then this app will certainly help you stick to the straight and narrow. It looks great too.

I love the main dashboard where every aspect of your account is summarized in a clear and easy to understand format. If it’s not clear enough for you then it’s a breeze to change the look by minimalizing some of the charts or just dragging and dropping them around so they’re in the position you prefer. At the end of the day it’s what’s important for you to see that matters.

Any number of accounts can be added and transactions can be added from any page on the site which means you don’t have to keep going back to a specific entry page. You can manually load entries or import them and the site currently accepts QIF, OFX, QFX and CSV files. The edit function then allows you to play around with them as you please.

When it comes to viewing accounts you can choose to combine them or select individual ones. The same applies when it comes to reports with a number of the graphs and charts letting you see activity on an isolated or combined basis. You can also drill down in to any reported transaction and see historic information.

Budgeting is well catered for and limits and recurring bills can be logged with alerts letting you know when a bill is due or if you’re close to overspending. This function also allows for surpluses to roll over into the next month.

This app marries fine detail with ease and convenience. Every page contains a help function showing a variety of user FAQ’s and you can search for any item as well as adding transactions regardless of where you are in the site.

This is serious stuff for seriously minded users that want a firm grasp on their financial situation. Don’t be put off with the word serious though as it’s multi-functionality does not come with a need for rocket science qualifications.

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