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Clearful is a private digital journal that helps you rise above the ups and downs of everyday life to see the big picture, gain clarity, and direct your life with intent.

Give your thoughts the undivided attention they deserve with a calm and distraction-free writing canvas.

Surprise yourself and reflect on something new every day with a hand-picked Discover Daily question of the day.

Get a head start and be inspired with our Guided Journaling Library of over 100 curated templates and powerful prompts with topics from A to Z.

Relive memories, find patterns in your life, and see how far you've come with Rediscover, which brings back past entries from various time periods such as "1 Month Ago, "6 Months Ago", and "1 Year Ago".

Feel safe knowing your journal entries are secured with bank-grade encryption and your privacy is protected.

Get personal, friendly customer support from our awesome team!

Last updated 25 Sep 2020

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