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Track your Mega Millions & Powerball games with Clever Lotto. Results, notifications, statistics and much more!

See the latest results and jackpots or simply add your tickets to check your winnings. If you’re feeling lazy, just shake your device and let the magic happen - Clever Lotto will generate random numbers for you. It has never been easier and quicker to know all about Mega Millions and Powerball.

Various notifications let you stay on top of all lotto events. You’ll instantly get informed about your results after each draw. Besides, Clever Lotto reminds you to renew your tickets when they’re about to expire. And most important: don’t ever miss a big jackpot! An alert will inform you when it’s time to really get in the game.

You always wanted to know how much you've spent or won playing lotto? Ever wondered how long ago it was that a particular number was drawn? These and more questions are extensively answered in Clever Lotto. The app keeps track about personal and general statistics for you.

Let your friends know about your luck and have some fun together. You can share your results via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. Playing lotto with other people? Just e-mail your tickets so they can directly import them into Clever Lotto.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015