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Published 15 Oct 2014

They keep telling us that physical mail - the stuff you get that comes through the post in envelopes and packages - is a thing of the past. Postal workers are being laid off right, left and center and deliveries are likely to be reduced to two or three days per week in the not-too-distant future. There are certain items, however, that can really only be delivered by post. Rather than looking at mail delivery as a behemoth destined for extinction though, it's still possible to use it as an advantage - especially in a business situation. ClevverMail is a business mail solution app that manages, organizes, digitalizes and delivers your mail, as well as giving you a prestigious street address in Berlin, Germany to give your business an international flavor.
ClevverMail offers a comprehensive array of correspondence solutions that are designed to streamline and revolutionize the way your business handles its physical mail. Its aim is to give you complete control over your incoming postal mail The first thing you will need to do after you've signed up for free will be to change your mailing address to the secure ClevverMail facility based in the business district in Mitte, Berlin. Any mail that arrives is physically sorted - to get rid of any obvious junk mail - and envelopes are scanned and emailed to you digitally with the name of the sender, the type of mail it is and its size and weight. You can then make a quick decision as...