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Click4Time provides a fast, reliable and secure online booking solution that is available 24/7, ... More

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Published 26 Feb 2012

The trouble with most appointment booking software is that, while they deal with all the obvious stuff very efficiently, there's little room for all the anomalies that crop up when dealing with the general public. Click4Time provides all the obvious stuff - a fast, totally reliable, safe and secure online booking service - as well as delivering plenty of extra features for a smoother and more realistic booking experience for your colleagues. It's ability to organize and schedule appointments makes for a better customer relations experience for everyone.
Click4Time provides a fast, reliable and secure online booking solution that is available 24/7. With over 60% of bookings taken after hours you can see how important that is. It is simple to use and flexible enough to deal with all the anomalies that can be experienced across over 125 industries. Simplistically, it provides tools for heaps of different situations including the acceptance of payments at the time of the booking or to force partial or full payments. That means, if a customer fails to show up to a previous booking then the facility is here to ask them for a full payment the next time they book. There is an agent commission system built in for salespeople or service providers who wish to 'sell' your services or for the convenience of concierge services booking appointments for their guests. There's a free 'book now' button for your website, a built in QRCode generator and a full reporting system to analyze and track usage and billing but this is just the start of everything Click4Time offers. Basically, it's a fast and easy setup to get your business up and running with no software to install and there's even an option for signing in using Facebook.
It's not hard to see that Click4Time was developed by online booking and internet marketing specialists as they have created on organize application that is simple to use yet complex in detail. The booking search engines, directories and mobile Apps can help to promote your business and help you reach new customers and grow your revenue base. There are several pricing plans available starting at a mere $10 per month for small businesses and there are even real people manning the phones if anything goes wrong - a rarity in itself these days.

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