Developer description

From – this app allows anyone who needs to “count stuff” accurately and efficiently do just that.
Bouncers (door men), stocktakers, teachers, sports coaches, contractors, insomniacs (yes, it does sheep) and students are just a small range of people that this app will appeal to.
If you need to count things accurately in your day to day life, this is handy – it even has “Confirmed Counting” – if you’re counting on the go, you may not be able to constantly look down at your iDevice to see if you may have missed the button, choose from either a sound or a vibration to confirm that your click has been registered.
The Clickulator allows up to 8 groups with customisable names and incremental values.
The interface is very simple, but it is a powerful tool for the job it is good at….counting!
We would say “you can count on the clickulator”, but that would be awful…

Last updated 19 Aug 2011

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