Developer description

Clunky software can certainly get the job done... but why go through the hassle?
It doesn't get any simpler than Cliclock when you need a way to track time spent and cost on projects.

Ideal for tracking the time you spend on projects or to track your employees.

Cliclock is designed to be used on phones and tablets. You can use the Xpress Clock-in to have your employees clock-in/out just by typing a pin code. Are you a restaurant or other small business owner? Place an iPad (or similar device) in a central location with the Xpress clock-in/clock-out page loaded and have your employees sign-in/out when they enter or leave the workplace. It's that simple!

Features :
- Time & Cost tracking.
- Xpress Clock-in
- Users Management
- (Shared) Projects based time tracking.

Last updated 5 Sep 2013

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