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From Sales to handling customers, from advertising to marketing there are multiple processes of ... More

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Published 1 Aug 2012

The first thing to remember is that cloud-computing has changed everything when it comes to online business management applications. And, to be quite honest, the only thing that is preventing small business from benefitting from it is you yourself. ClientFisher is a business solutions and customer relations manager application that offers a seriously cost effective answer to all of your small business needs from website help, management systems, CRM, email and all aspects of setting up and running a business.
From sales to handling customers or from advertising to marketing there are multiple processes of business that takes place. Efficient customer service is essential to your business. Over recent months FeedMyApp have run reviews of plenty of similar applications like Bitrix24 and MYCO Suite of late and ClientFisher is a serious contender to be added to those two excellent applications. ClientFisher is a cloud solution provider that helps in setting up your website, email, customer relationship management systems, marketing solutions, work management systems, accounting software, resource management software, people management systems and much more and all kept securely in the cloud. Most small business owners don't want to be bothered with email and web servers. They just want to keep payroll and expenses at a minimum and boost their profit margin. That's where ClientFisher Solutions comes in. They are not your traditional consulting or outsourcing company and should be thought of us as a remote extension of your team. You don't need to hire an email...