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Team Behind This Idea

Lead management forms a part of the business solution series by walkover business solutions, a part of walkover web solutions having existence since 2007 and serving a wide range of IT requirements that simplifies business processes. WBS specializes in providing IT solutions to empower businesses.
"It is good to have business loaded with big chunk of leads and it is even better to have them transformed into money-spinning business"

Lead Management
Lead management is an online business application that rightly handles your leads and clients generated to make them bless you with healthy business. Whatever be the sales function or industry a business working in, lead management can fit in every shape and size of business.

Wondering what makes it a perfect fit for a business?
Let us keep it far away from technical complication and present it in simple terms.
Being an online business application, it shifts your entire sales infrastructure to web.
With striking and easy to employ user interface, it keeps you away from high-end software complications.
Interactive features like alerts, reminders, activity wall makes it speak and actively contribute in your business growth.
Ensures, intact data security eliminating an additional security source requirement.
Any time support function gives a stress free working.

Idea behind this initiative
Customer relationship management is not just about upholding your existing clients. In fact, it includes managing the new requirements generated that can potentially contribute to business development. Leads are the new requirements that provide a strong ground for business to flourish in the competitive edge.
A lead cannot be taken for granted. In fact, businesses should nurture and manage them right from the start for its successful conversion into sales. Online lead management system fills this gap aptly to provide perfect management to business.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015