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Editor's review

Published 2 Nov 2011

Running a medical practice these days is like running any other business when it comes to organization. When it comes to appointment scheduling and record keeping however it’s probably even more vital to have a robust system in place accessible by all practitioners from anywhere they might be.

Cliniko offers such a system with great looking and easy to use pages covering not just practice/patient management but also invoicing and a level of financial reporting.

Appointments need accurate recording and the scheduling function does this based on a colour coded calendar that can be viewed on an individual or practice wide basis. Appointments can also have an SMS alert attached to them to remind patients 24 hours in advance.

Treatment notes are stored securely and the production of them can be speeded up by use of templates covering any number of medical disciplines. Once again, with the app available on mobile devices these notes can be entered from any location.

Appointment details can easily be converted into invoices at the end of a consultation with any additional products added before printing. The reporting section can also track this information through and provide income statements on a practice and individual basis. Expenses can also be tracked in a similar fashion giving an overall financial overview. Any reports specific to an individual practise can be created by exporting the data to spreadsheets.

As a management tool Cliniko offers a great deal of organisation in a simple to use format. The collaborative nature of it also means a practice should run smoothly with everyone reading from the same prescription!

With a solo package available at Au$ 45 a month and a team one for up to 5 practitioners at Au$95, the return on investment could be high with this app. It’s had some very good user reviews too.

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