Developer description

ClipCab is a car-sharing service for short rides and long-distance travels. ClipCab permits to the users to be drivers and passengers, like BlaBlaCar, but what ClipCab makes differently from other services is that the passengers are at the centre of the service: they can request a driver, choose the destination, select their price, and the driver from the pool of drivers that have applied to their request. How many times do you think that the taxies and other similar services offered (ex. Uber) are too expensive? There are many reasons. Whenever I take a taxi or my own car I always wonder how many people are actually going to the same place where I’m going. Sometimes I wonder why I need to have a car if I only use it sparingly and for short trips. This is all not environmentally friendly and not sustainable, also contributing to the already evident problem of lack of park in the streets.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015