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ClipWiz is a new iPhone and iPad app that takes the traditional concept of a TV guide and ... More

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Published 15 Mar 2014

Here's one for all you news junkies out there like me. ClipWiz is a brand new and rather unique news and entertainment application for iOS that lets you better organize and simplify your video news watching. It takes the concept of the humble TV guide to put all your favorite news channels at your disposal in a timeline and based on your viewing habits. Rather than having to painstakingly search the Internet for the latest news or switch between your favorite channels, ClipWiz lines them all up for you to watch as they happen - and all in one much more convenient place.
ClipWiz is a new iPhone and iPad app that takes the traditional concept of a TV guide and revolutionizes it for online news videos. It does this by providing news videos that are organized by your most watched channels and in a timeline, making keeping up with the latest news as easy as watching TV. But, what makes ClipWiz unique from other news apps is it's focus on the discovery of other news channels based on your viewing history. To truly picture ClipWiz, imagine it as almost a Flipboard for news and entertainment videos. To add to this, the app uses a beautifully easy to use TV guide format so that you can see at a glance just what all your favorite channels are showing as well as offering similar stories from channels you might now be so familiar with. With hundreds of fully customized news channels across a multitude of topics, it is now so much easier to stay informed with ClipWiz.
I can almost sense the drool coming from news junkies similar to myself as this great little app really is worth taking a look at. It is ultra user-friendly and turns the traditional - and rather time consuming - task of searching for news into something way more pleasing. The developers took the concept of a TV guide and adapted it for news broadcasts and it worked like a dream. While all the major news channels are heavily featured I like the idea of seeing less prominent ones - recommended to you automatically and based on your viewing habits. Don't just rely on Fox News to find out what's going on out there. ClipWiz is a great free app that will give you all the news you want.

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