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Talk online in privacy and anonmity.

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When it’s a matter of privacy you can’t trust email or online chat. They provide no ... More

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Published 18 Aug 2011


 Have you ever wished that email and chat were more secure?  That's where Cloaklet comes in. 

 Cloaklet allows you to communicate anonymously and securely without the hassles of encrypting everything yourself.  They use 3 different servers to do this.  What they call the "Light Site" is publicly accessible and is where you log in to your account.  Then you are redirected to the "Dark Site" which is where you create and log into your profile - it has no idea who you really are.  After you log into the "Dark Site" your computer starts communicating with the third server, the "Storage Engine", which doesn't know who you are or what secure profile you are using.  The "Storage Engine" is in the cloud, but your data is still secure - safely encrypted with 2048 RSA, SHA1, TripleDES.  So even Cloaklet doesn't know who you are or what you are sending.  Even if someone were able to find out who has accounts, and even if they somehow figured out how to access the secure data, they would have no way to figure out what data belongs to which person... a lot more secure than most sites that don't separate accounts from usage.

 With a free account you get 1 secure profile, premium members can have unlimited.  The free account gives you access to secure encrypted messaging (like email) to 10 contacts and encrypted file storage and sharing.  Premium...