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Published 1 Oct 2017

For many professional industries, time tracking software is an essential part of daily business. It enables both employees and employers an easy way of keeping track of the billable hours spent working on tasks for specific clients. This is especially relevant for businesses that bill their clients by the hour - like agencies, lawyers, freelancers and accountants. However, time tracking doesn't just keep track of hours spent. It's also a very useful tool for helping improve productivity by giving business a better understanding of where time might be wasted. With all time spent on a project logged at a central location, it's very simple for HR departments to analyze results to identify any possible problems.

There are many time tracking apps available online, of course, but they can come at a price. Many have a free version available for individuals - which sounds like a good deal. However, if you want to invest in one for your business, the chances are you'll be paying a fair bit extra if you want to include unlimited team members along with multiple workspaces and projects. Clockify was developed to alleviate these problems. This web app (with iOS and Android versions in development now) was based on the well-known time tracking app called Toggl. Clockify carries very similar features but the big difference is that it is absolutely free for everyone - including teams.

Clockify gives free, real-time, time tracking access for an unlimited number of team members as well as all your projects and workspaces so that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. It also gives your HR department a complete overview of just how productive your workers and your team really are. You can choose between logging hours manually or automatically with just a single click - making it simple to keep track of all your projects and clients. Very professional looking weekly, monthly or annual reports can be generated at any time which can be branded, saved, exported or shared with clients to keep everything totally transparent.

Clockify came about when software developer Nenad Milanovic grew more and more frustrated with companies like Toggl regularly raising their prices. When they upped their top price to close to fifty bucks per user per month, it was time to take a stand. So Nenad decided to create his own version. His company copied all the Toggl web app features (and added a few of their own) and they have now created their own version - Clockify - which is totally free for everyone. Now you can track the billable hours for an unlimited number of team members across unlimited projects and from any number of locations whilst creating reports that can be become immediately available to clients.

What Clockify has produced is one of the best time tracking apps on the market. It carries all the features of the best time tracking apps but without the prohibitive costs that may have been holding you back. It's aim is to track your team's working hours - no matter the size of your team - and to help boost productivity and increase your bottom line. Clockify is available now for free for immediate download with versions coming soon for iPhone, iPad and Android.


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