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Easy automatic time keeping for agencies and freelancers so your billing is always accurate

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Clockk is the answer for your time tracking frustration. Clockk is an automated time tracking ... More

Editor's review

Published 6 May 2020

Keeping track of your billable hours has long been the bane of many businesses. You can pretty much guarantee that at least one of your team members will underestimate or lose track of the amount of time that they've spent on a project.  Missing out on those hours means less billable time that can be charged to a customer. There have been plenty of time management apps on the market but most require team members to 'clock on and clock off.' Wouldn't it be better if there was an app that logged on and off jobs automatically so your team can concentrate on the job in hand without having to worry about time sheets? Well, we've found just the thing that you are looking for.

Clockk is a new, fully automated, time tracking web app (with smartphone versions coming soon) for agencies and freelancers. The developers realised that workers get busy and can be forgetful so it 'remembers' and notes exactly what you and your team are working on at any given moment of the day. With three easy steps, It's unique visualisation takes note of the work done by tracking every move you make, on a project-by-project basis, so that time spent can be billed accurately. Amazingly enough, Clockk's super intelligent AI is trained to know which individual task is associated with each project that is worked on. It also shows you exactly what your team members are up to all day. 

This easy to use app shows you all the files, web apps and emails that were used and worked on during the day as well as your calendar and project history - all with one tool. You can see everything that happened at a glance with all hours billed depending on the project that's being worked on. Clockk also integrates beautifully with all your favorite tools and you won't have to worry about privacy because Clockk will report to you only with no other team members able to view the details. What's more, any personal information can't be viewed by anyone else - not even your boss.

So, no more time sheets to chase up or calendars and notes to copy. There's no starting and stopping the clock with this app. All you have to do is to review your work at the end of the day and submit it. You can be sure that all hours will be accounted for and are verifiably accurate. You can easily 'train' Clockk to organize your work by individual project. It's very simple to adjust blocks of time to fill in any gaps and these blocks are turned from blocks of time into time sheets. Clockk is quick and easy to use yet very powerful as it delivers a virtual 360º view of the working day. We often forget just how long we've been working on a project and that's where this app rises to the fore. It's so efficient that it will register all your billable hours - making more money for you and your business as it tracks every move you make and forgets nothing. 

There are a number of pricing plans available now or coming soon. The freelancer version covers up to 5 people and gives you basic reporting, unlimited projects and unlimited time sheet retention, 2 week tracked data retention and project management extensions. There are other plans for more team members. No matter which plan you choose, your projects will all be tracked and can be archived for later review, if necessary. You can even upgrade to 3 month, 1 year or unlimited retention plans. However, even if you stop subscribing to Clockk, your time sheets will always be available to view. Finally, there's a free version for sole traders. Clockk is available to download right now. 

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