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Easy automatic time keeping for agencies and freelancers so your billing is always accurate

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Published 6 May 2020

[cont'd] s so efficient that it will register all your billable hours - making more money for you and your business as it tracks every move you make and forgets nothing. 

There are a number of pricing plans available now or coming soon. The freelancer version covers up to 5 people and gives you basic reporting, unlimited projects and unlimited time sheet retention, 2 week tracked data retention and project management extensions. There are other plans for more team members. No matter which plan you choose, your projects will all be tracked and can be archived for later review, if necessary. You can even upgrade to 3 month, 1 year or unlimited retention plans. However, even if you stop subscribing to Clockk, your time sheets will always be available to view. Finally, there's a free version for sole traders. Clockk is available to download right now.