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Published 24 Oct 2011

If you run a small projects based business and just need a system to tighten up your time recording then Clockodo does what it says on the tin.

This is no cover-all project management system, its only concern is time but it does it in style with flexibility and a good level of reporting that will ensure you don’t miss out on any billable hours.

Customers can be set up in the central administration section of the app and then have any number of separate projects assigned to them. The rates you charge can also be flexible and be set at a flat company rate or on a per-project or individual team member basis, the choice is yours. Individuals can also have access to as much or as little of the system as you choose.

The time is recorded by a start-stop clock feature which can also be downloaded to run without a web browser. The clock has a useful feature in that it can detect when you have been away from your computer for any length of time. When you return it will ask you if that time should be included in the task and if not you can make the necessary adjustment.

The system also allows you to enter budgets for projects and will then automatically calculate the progress in respect of billable hours, very useful if it’s a tight one.

The central dashboard gives a very clear and easy to read breakdown of time logged and is...