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Published 22 Oct 2011

I can't believe how many times I've read stories about bad billing by businesses. So many  businesses have disappeared off the face of the earth because they don't seem to be able to deliver an itemized and correct bill for the services used. Then there are the seemingly dodgy practices that some law firms use where they estimate a price for a specific service like photocopying at the scandalous price of ten bucks a page and hope it gets lost in the overall invoice for 'services provided.' Someone should recommend to these companies right now. is a productivity and time-tracking tool for your iPhone that tracks and reports on the amount of time spent on multiple business projects. is an easy to use and very flexible productivity app for tracking your time across multiple clients and projects. It can produce daily, weekly and monthly reports for all clients and projects that you are working on. Alternatively, you can create the reports for an individual client or project. is completely backupable to protect your information. Just login with Dropbox and you can remotely backup your data to a secure location. The very same Dropbox allows you to seamlessly move your information between devices and across platforms for greater flexibility. You don't even have to have an Internet connection to work on your projects thanks to’s slick HTML5 interface. Sync with Dropbox when you have a...