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Close Air Support Inshane air strike! Bombs, rockets and gun on your airplane in sidescroller. In this game you control air fighter with a lot of ammo. Fly over city full of enemies and destroy everything on your way! But beware, they have weapon too, and wont be destroyed! Unique side scroller with powerful flying exterminator, lands controlled by angry suspects, and you need to shoot as much as you can. Use your dive-bomber, a-10 thunderbolt known as warhog, or russian fighter il-2 sturmovik to inflict maximum damage! A lot of fun, tonns of steel, thousands bullets in this arcade shooter from GVI studio! Play for free and enjoy gameplay! Whats inside? - 3 different airplanes - hungreds of bombs and rockets, tousands of bullets! - all game objects destructable - upgradable airplanes - inshane gameplay

Last updated 9 Mar 2015

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