Developer description

Cloud Checklist made by Skybuffer is the brand new web application with online access that allows you to manage your list of tasks synchronously via standard browser based web client or by using application programming interfaces (APIs) provided for development.

How does it look like?

Skybuffer used only modern HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technologies to develop a fancy, easy to use graphical interface with lightweight payload to keep your focus on the lists of items only.

Why Cloud Checklist?

Skybuffer Cloud Checklist solution is a lightweight payload tool with real time synchronization engine for secure items lists management.

When to use?

Now it is possible to enforce your memory and attention limits with a powerful cloud tool that allows to store and manage comprehensive lists of important activities, tasks and operations.

Is it free?

Cloud Checklist is designed and made as absolutely free solution with no ads, newsletters or any kind of hidden costs for our online users.

What if I like to develop?

We at Skybuffer understand that Cloud Checklist could be used as integrated solution with either custom user interface or even as a background engine.
We have made application programming interfaces (APIs) that completely covers core solution functionality.

Last updated 6 Mar 2013