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Cloud SIM app - Four numbers. One phone


Cloud SIM is a mobile network integrated into an app that’s suitable for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to have four numbers linked to a single mobile phone, making international and business callers simpler and more affordable.

Making international calls can be expensive and lead to unexpected bills, while businesspeople can often be required to carry more than one mobile phone around to stay connected on the go. These two issues are being tackled by a single new app, the ultra-inventive and sublimely convenient, Cloud SIM. An indispensable solution for those who travel or work internationally, Cloud SIM enables users to have up to four numbers linked to a single phone, including international digits. Numbers available are real lines with a choice of UK, Canada, USA or Poland. For those who want to consolidate their comms, the app also allows users to port their existing numbers into Cloud SIM – with a reciprocal port out feature due to be launched shortly.

The format of Cloud SIM means it’s ideal for those making international calls, whether users frequently call another country or don’t want to be hit with expensive roaming costs while travelling abroad. The app also allows users to create several number profiles on a single phone, such as one number for work, one for eBay, one for personal etc - a feature that businesspeople will find useful as it means that are able to pick up work related calls on a personal device without having to give out their private number. Each number profile is customisable with its own personalised voicemail and users will clearly be able to see who is calling and on which number. Cloud SIM users can even set times for when each number is available, ensuring they’re not bothered out of office hours.

The app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices, including tablets. To view the app within the Apple Store visit


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Last updated 26 Oct 2016

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