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Published 29 Sep 2013

[cont'd] your product will immediately be added to your cloud-based database and will automatically increment the current stock value of that product. Automatic recognition of barcodes will dramatically increase speed and accuracy when adding and selling items. The system is also an online Point of Sale and you can scan or enter the barcode of an item straight into the system meaning there will be no need for any expensive hardware or software - saving you money as well as time while still selling your product to customers.
CloudBase is a very convenient and useful, cloud-based inventory management and tracking application that also happens to be very easy to use and looks like a million dollars. It aims to give you complete control of your inventry stock levels and how much it is worth in real-time and at any given moment. But the real beauty here is that it takes zero training to get to know this powerful set of business tools really well. It's very intuitive and automatically scans in your product as it comes in or goes out - no matter where it s.  It provides you with clear, dynamic visualizations to break down your inventory by cost value and by quantity to make sure you stay on top of your inventory levels and you can easily export data to an excel spreadsheet, if you wish. Finally, you can build a customizable widget to install the HTML onto your website in seconds. Here you can choose...