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Published 22 Sep 2011

If you’ve ever looked up from your desk and thought that the office seemed to have more consultants in it than staff on the payroll then there’s probably a logical answer. The answer usually comes in two parts, firstly you’re not dreaming and secondly there’s obviously a major IT project going on.

This scenario has been played out in countless small and medium sized businesses and is often the result of business growth. This growth will have accelerated the need to ditch the unreliable spreadsheet based budgeting system that could just about cope when the business started but is struggling to keep up with the vertical numbers and the  multi-location enterprise it has now become.

Step forward the gang of consultants and their game changing budgeting software. The paradox here is that if you’d had game changing budgeting software at the outset it would have told you that you probably couldn’t afford them.

CloudBudget aims to remove both the need to install software and pay consultancy fees in one hit and if it’s as good as it looks at first sight will no doubt succeed.

Based on the platform the application gives management all the tools needed to generate accurate budgets based on the answers given in an extensive online survey called Cloud Consultant (OK so you need one consultant!). This is no brief business outline though and will take some time to complete so preparation is key. Having said that, it doesn’t charge an hourly rate...