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Cloudcard allows any business person to have their own mobile app. Your app icon will be your ... More

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Published 25 Feb 2012

It seems the days of the humble business card are nearly numbered. The introduction of a digital identity application like cloudcard almost registers them obsolete when so much information can be kept more efficiently and attractively on your mobile phone in the guise of this marketing tool. Basically, cloudcard allows you to create your own personal app where clients can click your personal icon with all your information. This includes email, links, directions to your office and even a personal introduction video, which are displayed at the touch of your mobile phone.
Cloudcard allows any business person to have their own mobile app with an icon that displays your company logo or your photo. Once someone launches your app they can access all the relevant details associated with you and your business. They can call you with one click, visit any link you chose, get driving directions to your office, send you an email or even watch a video that you’ve prepared for them. No longer will you be just a name on a piece of cardboard and cloudcard has room to deliver far more information than on a small piece of paper that its easy to lose or misplace. your client will no longer have to search two or three places to find all your contact details - all they have to do is to pull out their iPhone and click on your personal icon. It also indicates to them that you are a forward thinking business that embraces...