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The Clubbers Guide to Ibiza has taken the stress out of booking a holiday on the White Isle.

The free app which launched today on Android and will be on the app store by the end of May, is packed with over 1000 bars and places to eat, as well as full information and reviews on all of the main clubs and attractions, and even has a few hidden gems for you to discover.

Integrated into the app is a weather feature, as well as an events and news blog that will keep you in the know before, during and after your visit.

With every part of the app being written from first-hand experience, you get a real feel for the island and what it has to offer, including shopping, market places, historical buildings and its many spas and retreats. This app really does help to change the opinion that Ibiza is just a party island and opens the doors to everything waiting to be discovered.

Last updated 1 Dec 2015

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