Developer description

Clue Story is a detective Novel, transformed into a Free Interactive App. The reader is the hero who controls the storyline by solving the upcoming challenges. For a brief description, it is an interesting detective story told through a Riddle-Game.

A few words about the story:
You will solve the mystery of a crime that took place a few steps from your apartment, an ordinary boring day in your life. The victim is a girl. Your secret desire. What would you sacrifice to save her? You will travel to Crete, Cyprus or wherever needed. You will come face to face with riddles and puzzling events that will force you to change and use your mind to survive. Your answer to the last riddle, will determine the end of the story, but rather to determine whether you have changed enough.

Details about the app:
At the end of every chapter, there is a riddle that connects the storyline. The reader has to answer correctly to continue. There are three hints "clues" available in every riddle, to help him in case of a wrong answer, using his cluepoints.

Last updated 22 Feb 2017

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