Developer description

Clustary Pics is a photo-sharing platform that is also 'photo-centric'. Most photo-sharing apps require users to connect through the app before being able to share photos. These photo-sharing apps are 'user-centric'. This model is great for sharing photos with people you know. But what if you want to share a photo of something that only you in your group of friends is interested in?

You need a way of sharing photos that interest you with other people who are interested in the same thing. That's where Clustary Pics comes in. On the Clustary Pics platform, search a city and date, or by tag for free, and all photos matching your search appear instantly. If you sign up for free, you can upload your own photos, or url links to online photos. If you add the photo's location, date, tag and comment, other users will find it in their search.

You can also 'quote' existing photos with your own, to make a before-and-after photo pair, for example. The possibilities with just the free version are endless. Try it out today, or create an account to start uploading photos. Pro users will be able to request photos by the location and date via the lightning bolt button. Anyone with an account will then be able to supply the photo that was requested.

More features are on the way, and because Clustary Pics runs on the browser, updates are instant and the app is accessible from your mobile device and desktop and synchronizes in real time. I hope you have as much fun using it, as I had making it!

Last updated 27 Jun 2017

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