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"CLZ Movies" is the most popular movie cataloging app for Android and iOS devices.

With "CLZ Movies" you can keep track of the movies you own and those that you intend to purchase, with a minimum of manual data entry.

* Adding movies to your mobile movie database is super-easy, just search the CLZ online movie database by Title or by scanning the DVD/Blu-Ray Barcode with your device camera.
* The app will automatically download full movie details (Cast, Crew, Plot, etc...), cover art, backdrop art and trailer videos.
* Complete your movie entries with personal details like Seen It, Purchase Date/Price/Store, Notes, Rating and Tags.
* Easily browse, sort and search your movie collection and wish list, either as a "flat" movie list or nicely grouped into Genre, Format or Director folders.
* CLZ Movies comes with free CLZ Cloud storage of your collection data, great for backup purposes and for synchronizing data between devices, e.g. between your phone and tablet or with the Movie Collector desktop software for PC & Mac.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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