Developer description

CMS2CMS is the online service for automated content management system migration.

You want to change your CMS, as it doesn't meet your requirements anymore but something stops you? Probably you hate the idea of hours of copy/pasting to transfer the content of your website manually? Or maybe you’re not much into technical stuff? Perhaps migrating to a new CMS is too time-consuming for you? CMS2CMS is the solution to help you out!

It is designed to ease the process of migration from your current CMS to a new one and make it maximally straightforward and swift.

Here’s what you get when choosing CMS2CMS:

It will import your content, categories and users to a new CMS quickly and accurately.
The relations between posts and categories will be preserved precisely as they are.
Your users details will be moved along with user permissions prescribed for each user.
You don’t have to worry about your data safety, as all transactions are executed via SSL connection.
Your website or blog will be 100% available during the migration process.

Why choose CMS2CMS?

CMS2CMS is a totally web based service, so you won't need to install any software and avoid additional load for your computer.

It doesn't require any technical skills or coding - just provide the Source and Target CMS types and website URLs and we'll take care of the rest.

It is faster than any other way of CMS migration - the whole process will take a few minutes to a couple hours to be completed.

Don't let your CMS limit your possibilities, move on! Breathe new life into your website via CMS2CMS!

Last updated 30 Nov 2012