Developer description

CoachTube gives every athlete in the world access to the instruction, knowledge, and the motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes and students. We do this by providing access to online training from the world’s best coaches. These lessons are available on-demand, so that students can learn when and where it’s convenient for them.
We empowers coaches to create courses online. CoachTube provide tools, technical support and guidance, so they can quickly and easily get their content online. CoachTube allows coaches to build their brand by showcasing their skills and company through creating online courses and exposing them to a large audience that would be harder to reach using traditional methods.
CoachTube does the marketing and provide the technical support so coaches can spend more time doing what you love, coaching. Wa are like an app store for coaching and instructional courses featuring videos and detailed training from the best coaches across the web. We provide a wide variety of experts so no matter what the subject is, the students and athletes can learn about any topic, from the best coaches anywhere in the world.

Last updated 26 Dec 2014