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If you're a developer and you want to make the leap into startups, we're here to help. Consulting is a lifestyle that lets you maintain your dev skills while also bringing in income – you earn a higher effective hourly rate and you protect your freedom and independence. This abundance of free time enables you to focus on new endeavors.

For most devs, the hardest part about all this is finding clients. We have two products to help with that:

1) a book about breaking into consulting, teaching you *everything* you need to know regarding this business skillset and lifestyle (link:

2) a book with a step-by-step path to finding your first freelance software consulting client within 30 days (link:

We are in the middle of developing an e-Learning course, too, and some tools to help you manage the never-ending hunt for freelance programming jobs.

Last updated 22 Jan 2017

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