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CodePile is a simple, powerful, collaborative code sharing hub, built for the modern coder. It ... More

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Published 18 Nov 2015

The first thing I should come clean about regarding the sharing of codes is that I'm really no expert on the subject. However, i have done a fair bit of research in the last few days and one thing is certain. While it looks incredibly complicated, it seems that it's a hell of a lot easier when you have the right tools to do the job. There are plenty of code sharing apps on the market - Github, Pastebin, Pastie, Bitbucket and Google Code are the obvious ones. Some of these offer a simple cut and paste option and some are more complex but you will probably end up paying a monthly fee for the privilege of using them. CodePile is a fully collaborative technology app for developers that seems to offer all the features of the best of them - and is completely free.

CodePile is a simple, powerful, collaborative, real-time code-sharing hub that has been designed with the modern coder in mind. It goes way beyond the simple copy and paste concept of many others and delivers powerful functionality via an easy-to-use interface and a rich and constantly expanding set of features to back it up. The main goal of the developers was to produce an app that was fully interactive, powerful and simple to use but the also wanted it to look good too. They seem to have achieved all those directives and more.

For starters, the app uses independent cursors with a collaborative feature to enable...