Developer description

Coffeetopia aims to become an organic social network for one particular special interest group - coffee lovers.

The app will let you rate (from 1-5 stars) your favourite (and least favourite!) coffee experiences, leave a comment and a photograph and share it on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

The average rating is calculated and each place is given a real user rating to help people find the best coffee in any given area.

Businesses can register too (for a $1.99 fee) and add a more detailed description of their activity. The better a coffeehouses rating (whether a registered business or not) the better it is placed in the top-ten lists for your Area, City, Country or the World.

There is also a "Fancy a Coffee?" function. This allows you the user to invite anyone (logging in with Facebook the app imports your friends or you can choose to invite someone entering an email address) for a coffee and choose a place and set a time. This is the function that'll help diffuse the app.

Last updated 24 May 2013

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