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Cognalys,Inc. Cognalys, introducing a revolutionary method in international two factor authentication which uses random missed calls as one time password for security. This platform supports all programming languages through the restful API service. For easy integration, Cognalys introduced plug n play plugins for all leading CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal along with its unique Android library, which is exclusively for android developers.
1. Android Library: Fully functional Android library which helps mobile number verification in android applications. Along with verification the library collects details like MCC, MNC, IMEI, Email and location of the user to deliver a proper analytical data to the developer.
2. Economical and reliable : Instead of the traditional SMS based password delivery, Cognalys uses the last five digits of the random number from which the user receives miss call as Password, Which is much cheaper than the SMS method. Registered users are supported by providing 50 free international mobile number verifications every day.
3. Faster delivery: Missed calls will be delivered faster than SMS. SMS delivery speed is depending on multi factors like Roaming, Peak usage hours, Govt.rules and Geography.
4. Supports all Platforms: Cognalys supports all platforms / programming languages (Includes IOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Web) through the RESTful API service. Cognalys supports all developers by proving examples of integration in multiple languages in the website’s examples section
5. Robust Dashboard: Cognalys dashboard help developers to access the usage details of their applications along with date and time and available balance.
6. International: Unlike the traditional cheap SMS which has the geographical restriction, Cognalys services are international which supports 195+ Countries. This helps developers to release their applications worldwide in an economical way.
7. Plugins and Modules: Cognalys launched plug n play plugins and modules for leading CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal which helps developers in easy integration of Cognalys services in their web applications.
8. Unlimited Applications: With a single account in Cognalys developers can create unlimited Applications. ( Android applications or OTP applications)
9. Multiple Usage: Cognalys service can be used in multiple modules like contact form, Lead generation form, Login and Sign-up Form and Mobile number verification in mobile applications
10. Supports: Cognalys supports developers and entrepreneurs to prevent spams, multiple registrations, Account hacking, credit card frauds, fake COD orders and may more internet fraud traps.
Cognalys,Inc. is a technology startup from India, registered as a “c corporation” in the state of Wyoming, United States. We provides economical and reliable international two factor authentication / mobile number veriļ¬cation solutions for the developers through It’s unique missed call based technology. Within a short span of time after launching, Cognalys supports 700+ developers worldwide in the security feature implementation in their applications. Cognalys have registered address in multiple countries like United States, Columbia and India

Last updated 18 Mar 2015

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