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Know your Bitcoins!

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Published 11 May 2014

[cont'd] and provides the highest bank-grade security measures possible to ensure a safe environment for customers to trade and store cryptocurrencies.
Coinnext was founded early in 2014 by a pair of highly experienced Belgian entrepreneurs with a vast knowledge of design, engineering, marketing and software and with an extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency protocols. They were backed up by a legal councillor who specializes in international taxation as well as the tax and legal treatment of Bitcoin. Their mission is to try to offer the best cryptocurrency trading experience possible using a secure and reliable environment. The fact of the matter is, it isn't just new businesses that are accepting Bitcoin as a way of payment. Brand new startups, run by very experienced people, are coming to life and looking at introducing this new form of money - the cryptocurrency - into the real world and to an evergrowing market. Coinnext is a really good, reliable, secure and transparent way of getting in on the action first.