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Collabor8 Online is a web-based software for Online Project Management, Task Management and Documen

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Published 21 Sep 2011

Collabor8Online is a very clever cloud-based online project management collaboration tool. It enables you to share your desktop project with colleagues and clients without them seeing any other projects you may be working on. Collabor8online allows you to  create a “workspace” or “online folder” for any project, event, client or team and invite colleagues, contacts or clients to join. Anyone you invite from another organisation doesn’t need to “have” Collabor8 online; you’re effectively inviting them to “your” Collabor8 environment.
A “workspace” is made up of folders (just like the ones you create on your desktop), simple security measures make sure that anyone you invite can only see the folders that you’ve invited them to. This means that you can invite people to work on certain projects, without them seeing any other projects that you’re working on. There's no emailing documents back and forth either as files can be shared internally with no limit on size as you might find with more conventional email. You get the information out of your inbox and on to the project where it belongs. It also gives you the ability to 'oversee' various individual projects and delegate responsibilities to individual departments when invited. Clients can also collaborate if invited.

Collaror8 online is a bit of a masterpiece. Fast, easy to use, accurate and secure and a brilliant way to keep track of several projects whilst keeping your other projects under wraps. You can access the information from anywhere that has...