Developer description

Built for comic collectors like you! Use Collectionary to safely store your Want List and Have List in the cloud, to review current sales prices for books, or to search for books with either Text or Camera Search -- all in a Free app.

• Unlimited size Collection & Want list
• Text Search by Title (and optionally, ISSUE number)
• Cover image Visual Search -- No barcode? No problem!
• Plot summaries
• Search creator credits
• Recent sales data
• Variants support

More than just a tool to flip slabbed CGC books, our app is designed by comic collectors, specifically for collectors -- who we believe want MORE. Use the Collectionary mobile app to quickly ballpark the current value of a book, no matter where you are -- today, prices change faster than any printed book can keep up with. We let you see recent online sales, so you can judge what price makes sense for you. Collectionary also has full-screen covers, artist and writer credits, storylines, and character appearance info, so you can find more great books to collect! And Collectionary makes it easy for you to add a book to your Want List, then later move your new possessions into your Have list with a Grade... all with a quick tap!

The app is continually growing, and we encourage our users to offer feedback, whether it's to correct comic details or to vote on new app features.

Last updated 18 Sep 2020

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