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Editor's review

Published 27 Oct 2011

This website makes a very pertinent point when it says startups shouldn’t hire like other companies because they are not like other companies. Wise words and this jobsite aims to match talented graduates with a strong desire to get involved with a startup to the perfect partner.

The jobs page itself can be viewed by anyone but if you’re a graduate looking to advertise your talent or a startup with a job to post you need to register and set out the skills you have or the skills you need. Those looking for a job get the luxury of receiving relevant job details straight into their inbox without having to part with any cash.

As a startup you’ll pay $50 to post a job and for that you’re pretty much guaranteed to only get matched with people with the relevant skills as there is a level of verification that goes on such as proving someone can actually code in the way they claim.

The application form attached to all job posts is also very comprehensive and should give any hirer a good insight into what makes a candidate tick. Apart from the obvious qualification and career to date questions there is a section asking for a link to an "about me" video prepared by the job hunter.

If you’re a graduate applying for a job with a startup you’d be advised to do some homework first as you will need to complete a section about why you want to work for them. You also need to be pretty convincing about why you’d rather work at a 3 month startup than at Facebook because they’ll want to know that as well!

Startups need all the help they can get to acquire great staff and this one looks like it homes in on all the relevant areas to help achieve that.

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