Developer description

Ever seen great colors in a boring subject? You can extract all of these great color bits and compose them into an artwork. Color Bits is a fun way to discover colorful world and express your emotions. Explore endless series of images generated using random visual noise and tell your friends what you feel when see them. Do you prefer Eastern patterns? Or maybe you like circuit designs or seashells? Do you like gardens? You may create any of these just with a single tap. Results are always eye-pleasing and sometimes you get hypnotised by endless patterns. Do you need texture for a web site or application? You may try to use Color Bits to create texture with fixed set of colors or just extract color palette from any photo. Do you need to meditate and boost you creativity? Take a photo, sit and observe colorful patterns. Rules are simple: - take a photo or choose it from your Photo library - select generative filter to express colors of your mood - save pic or share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc - have fun!

Last updated 1 Mar 2015

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